“There is no dress rehearsal for what we do.”

Wesley’s spaces are designed to be experienced and enjoyed. That means ensuring that there are places to sit and room to move. It means amenities are always available while the effort behind them remains invisible. Ensuring suites operate seamlessly means he must be much more than a designer. He’s a logistician, manager and helpful host – a polished professional uniquely qualified to ensure a luxury suite becomes an event destination.

Wesley Cadle has exhibited his work at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (New York), one of the most important events in the fashion world, on several occasions. He has been responsible for designing the Star Lounge, a luxury, invite-only suite, for four separate Fashion Weeks. The Star Lounge is a place for guests to relax in style between shows, and is visited by celebrities and other exclusive guests. Fashion Week is a high-profile event, and demands that every detail reach a high standard of style. Wesley used Asian design elements and calming neutrals to create an environment that could truly allow guests to unwind in the Star Lounge in 2013.

Whatever the occasion, Wesley Cadle can design a luxury suite that will make your guests ecstatic to be on the list, and hopeful that you will invite them again next year.