“With every project there is always a key”

Every event Wesley designs and manages, from the most intimate dinner to the grandest production, starts with a single source of inspiration – a color or tone, an object or idea. Sometimes it’s something small, an art object or the lines found in a piece of flatware. Sometimes it’s something less specific and more grand – an abstract idea or concept. Regardless, Wesley builds and runs every one of his events with the understanding that being true to that original inspiration produces results that are engaging, entertaining and, most importantly, unforgettable.

You can see from the images above that Wesley’s design aesthetic is extremely versatile, yet consistent in its quality and taste level. He pulls from several design styles to create spaces that are unique and eclectic. He can start with your theme or concept for the event, and apply his creativity and bring your idea to life. If you need help in developing a theme for your event, Wesley can help you create one that incorporates your personal style and his expertise.

When it comes to the scale of an event, Wesley has done both large and small, and everything in between. He has designed spaces for elegant dinners as well as for personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Wesley considers every aspect of your guests’ experience at your event, and personally approves every detail. He doesn’t just create events, he creates memories, experiences and moments that are beautiful, one-of-a-kind and impossible to forget.