“It’s our job to guide them, to make every aspect easy and comfortable.”

Weddings are not planned over the course of weeks or months. Every bride begins planning her special day the first time she sees someone walking down an aisle in a beautiful white dress, the first time she’s exposed to the flowers, cake and romantic rituals associated with weddings. Wesley believes that planning and, more importantly, executing a well-tuned wedding means ensuring that the fantasies become fact and that a wedding is everything that young girl dreamed of. That means not only ensuring table settings are perfect and flowers draped just so, but that the event day unfolds without hitch or hiccup. It’s a task that requires an artist’s eye and the ability to anticipate and avoid potential pitfalls before they occur.

If you are in the process of planning your own wedding, there is a good chance that is only your first or second time doing so. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who has helped planned dozens of weddings be by your side, helping you make decisions throughout the entire process? Wesley Cadle can be your right-hand man during the planning and on the actual day of your wedding. He will be there to make sure that every detail is in place while you focus on your hair, makeup, and putting on your dress. Let an expert like Wesley insure that the most important day of your life is everything you dreamed it would be.