“I internalize every project. They are a part of me. I am the project.”

Wesley does not design traditional interiors. His aesthetic is not Mid-Century Modern or cool Contemporary. He’s not attached to floral patterns or heavy wood, glass, steel or leather. Wesley’s style is not informed by any of these things. It’s informed by all of them. A true believer in the element of surprise, his careful eye allows him to mix and, more importantly, match diverse styles in a way that is effective, smart and always comfortable. He believes that good design does more than look good. It needs to feel good as well.

Different rooms have very different uses. Many people’s living rooms are a hub for all kinds of activities, such as entertaining guests, spending time with your family or just relaxing by yourself. On the opposite end of the spectrum, most families seldom use their dining room, and generally do so on special occasions. Whether you are planning to makeover one room or your entire home, Wesley creates designs that complement your lifestyle and are realistic for the way you utilize the space. He understands that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality, and will incorporate both into every room he designs.

When you are ready to give your space new life, Wesley Cadle can make it happen. He understands that each client’s needs are unique and will guide you through the process of bringing your design goals to fruition. Wesley’s knowledge about color schemes, textile selection, balance and harmony make the difference in your space having great rather than just good design.