Star Lounge for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

These are my plans for the Star Lounge for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September.

The intent is to create a living space for today, inspired the elegance of the past reflecting today's living. Traditional inspired patterns and pale tones of celadon and amethyst lend a fresh, airy feeling to an eclectic space which contrast French antiques to modern organic forms.

Draping the windows is a Christian Le Croix patterned cotton chintz from his Arles Collection. Using old world etchings in Baroque frames as the focal point on a high sheen cotton chintz, he overlaid this almost three dimensional artwork over flourishing brush strokes of metallic silver on a celadon background. The pattern is completely current yet nods reverently to the past.

I have accented the chintz with plush velvets and failles in multiple shades of amethyst and violet adding more dimension are cut floral patterns in velvet in a cool winter white and a deep jewel like teal. The lightest of lilac colored grass cloth will coverings envelopes the room. Bright white moldings delineate the space.

Furnishings contrast greatly from French inspired chairs to contemporary lines to organic shapes of tree trunks and branches. Burnished gold and silver metallics are used liberally throughout the space again contrasting to matte stain finishes on wood to high gloss paint on others.

Since fashion is central to this occasion I have appointed the walls with over scaled fashion illustrations by Gladys Perint Palmer framed in burnished silver.

More to come.....

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